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Купить копии мужских часов ролекс эксплорер

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Log Out Phillips Perpetual Presents: The Rolex Explorer Ref. James Marks explains what makes this historically important Rolex, survivor of multiple ascents, one of the great discoveries of the year for Phillips.

точные копии часов rolex explorer ii

Tool watch is more a term of styling than perhaps capability, but in the s Rolex was a pioneer in developing watches with a single purpose. The Submariner by definition was developed for diving, the GMT an aide for long distance travel and the Explorer was conceived as the must have timepiece for those attempting tough expeditions.

Cynics will argue its nothing more than a marketing tool, but today Phillips Perpetual is delighted to offer for private treaty the Explorer of the late Tony Streather. A man revered as one of the greats of the golden age of Himalayan mountaineering he tested both himself and his timepiece to the extremes. There are 14 mountains in the world higher than 8,m, all of them first climbed following the second world war. British expeditions claimed two of these, the first being Everest inbut only on Kangchenjunga in did British climbers reach the summit.

Часы Rolex Explorer II

Among them was Tony Streather, an able supporter of Joe Brown and George band and was a gruffly self-deprecating soldier whose career had begun as an officer in the Indian Army. Phillips had the pleasure of offering the Rolex of the late George Band during its Geneva 6 auction in British mountaineer Tony Streather.

Приобрести реплики мужских часов ролекс эксплорер - наручные часы rolex - ролекс

Arne Ness an ecologist and Norwegian intended to climb Tirich Mir, the highest mountain in Hindu Kush and required local knowledge to smooth relations between porters. Being the last British officer serving under a Pakistani commander and fluent in Urdu Streather provided the perfect balance between colonial efficiency and amicable chat that led to instantaneous success with the expedition group.

It is alleged that Streather took his duties so seriously that he followed the main group to the summit wearing pyjamas under his battle dress for warmth and alongside immense psychological resilience he was also blessed physically with a resting heart rate in the midss. By the time Streather had been invited to join the Alpine Club he was selected for assessment in Switzerland to be part of the British Everest team.

Physically superior to most, but lacking experience technically he failed to be included, but somewhat ironically was invited to join the US expedition to climb the harder and steeper K2 in the same year. Michael Ward the British Everest Expedition doctor later noting it was a grave error to not include an individual with such strength at altitude for Everest.

The harmonious K2 mission seemed close to success when a storm forced the team to take shelter just below the famous shoulder of the Abruzzi Spur. Confined for days and gripped by fear it was apparent that Art Gilkey had developed a blood clot in his left leg and collapsed unconscious following an attempted decent during a break in the weather. Charles Houston, the lead climber at K2 understood that this was most likely fatal and ordered a desperate rescue mission with Gilkey being lowered down the steep sides of the mountain.

Gilkey had disappeared however, Houston was unconscious and the team had several severely injured members. Despite the fear and hardship of K2, Streather did купить копии мужских часов ролекс эксплорер hesitate when Charles Evans invited him to join the expedition to Kangchenjunga and a mission that is now recognised as the greatest unsung achievement of British exploration.

Коллекция Часов Rolex Антонио - RMRS

It is also before this mission that Streather was allocated his Explorer with Rolex having supplied the Everest team in and it was partnership that was a daily occurrence until he died aged 92 in With no desire to turn back, Streather gave Hardie one if his and turned his regulator down to the merest trickle.

In deference to local beliefs they stopped a few feet short of the summit.

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В Киеве много интернет-магазинов, где можно приобрести швейцарские часы, но наш магазин наручных часов представляет более широкий ассортимент часов разных брендов. Скромное притягательность мужских часов подчеркивает серьезную красоту мощных рук, они показатель вкуса и материальной обеспеченности. Изысканные полосы дамских часов, обрамляя тонкое запястье, привносят в образ чувство стиля и любовь к вправду эксклюзивным вещам.

С иной стороны, в нынешнем мире дамы обрели независимость, равную мужчинам, шаг за шагом перенимая мужские привычки, образ и стиль жизнь.

Following his success on Kangchenjunga, Streather returned to the UK and became an instructor at Sandhurst. Sporadically he had been invited as a wise old hand to assist with climbs including the ill-fated team of Oxford Students at Haramosh that resulted in the death of two and left many survivors with severe frostbite and the loss of fingers and toes.

Streather himself falling foul to such injuries. Having transferred to the Gloucestershire regiment in the early s, he was seconded to the 6th Gurkas in and posted to Sarawak during the confrontation with Indonesia.

Часов мужских ролекс реплики эксплорер купить

Being familiar with Urdu, Streather tried to learn Nepali, earning his affection with junior Gurkha officers and it is likely here where he was gifted the NATO strap for his that is included with this watch. His Rolex once battered by the cold now exposed to high humidity and later led to Rolex being commissioned for a service in Tony Streather was an incredible man and his Rolex a unique piece of history for the brand.

A partnership that lasted across continents and decades where both man and movement could have been destroyed on numerous occasions, but survived to produce a remarkable story. His watch deserved a medal for bravery.

The present Rolex Reference is being offered by Phillips Perpetual. Please contact James Marks for more information regaring the price of the watch:.

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